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Name: OBM-DS07

Item No:: DS07

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Date: 2015-12-25

1.Hands-free intercom for clear voice.
2.Highlight acylic panel and ABS back,Hand-free intercommunication, plano mirror-designed monitor; ultra-thin and elegant design indoor unit with touch key.
3.7“digital touch screen to supply HD picture.
4.Monitoring,intercom,unlock,call management center,DND,defence area alarm and etc. function option.
5.Pictures &text message interactive between proprietor and management center.
6.Intercom between indoor units.
7.Photo-taking interactive between visitor and proprietor.
8.Equipped with8-zone intelligence security terminal,one-button arm, password disarm are also gathers security and video intercom together.
9.Adopts standard TCP/IP protocol for transmission,compose of network cable.
10.Human-oriented interface of indoor unit for easy operation.

Installation:surface Mounting(depending on module)
Display screen:7'' TFT LCD(color)
Touch screen:Resistive touch screen
Bell:Electronic bell≥70dB
Power supply: DC12V/1A
Working current: <300mA
Working temperature:-20℃~+70℃
Max power dissipation:<3.6W
Outline dimension(mm):136(H)*230(W)*22(D)